High-quality programs on the Bábolna Farmer Days also in 2019


This year the 32nd Bábolna Farmer Days will be held between the 5th and 8th September, for which the organizers prepare with even more colorful professional programs than ever before

 – was announced by the organizers on the press conference advertising the event on Tuesday in Budapest.

Zsolt Feldman, Minister of State for Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture (AM) emphasized: the 32nd Bábolna Farmer Days serves knowledge-intensive, future-proofing, sustainable agriculture, which we all set for ourselves as a goal, and which also helps opening towards the young generation.

As the Minister of State stated, the Bábolna Farmer Days – with its more than three decades past – was always an important event or rather a celebration of agriculture, which at the same time represented tradition and value for the Hungarian farmers. Between the 5th and 8th of September the technology of the 21. century will be shown to all the Hungarian farmers. OMÉK this year will focus on the strengthening the commercial role, the innovations and the approaching of the young generation. The Bábolna Farmer Days is a co-event of OMÉK, which is a new development, this status was achieved by Hódmezővásárhely regarding animal husbandry, and Bábolna regarding machine demonstration.

”Closer to the profession and providing more space for theory and practice to meet” – he emphasized. As he said, Bábolna has a strong tradition in exhibiting agriculture machinery. Bábolna had a pioneering role in demonstrating the machines in motion for the first time in Hungary, which still represents a great value for the farmers today.

As Balázs Győrffy, president of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) pointed out:

In Bábolna, an event with strong traditions and professional prestige will be organized, and the chamber has to be present on all events where the farmers are in focus. As he said, NAK will have its own booth in Bábolna. He thought the Bábolna Farmer Days provides an overall picture about the current issues of agriculture, let it be the machinery, plant protection products, seeds or fertilizers. The focus of the exhibition is traditionally on the agriculture machinery, and we could already see it on the exhibition in Mezőfalva that there is a demand from the farmers to see the machines demonstrated in motion.

Agriculture is one of the fastest developing branches, and it requires continuous technological developments to keep the pace with the competition. Therefore the chamber welcomes that smartideas receive their own role on the exhibition. “At the chamber we aim to show as many as possible innovative solutions for the farmers, as this is what ensures long term competitiveness.

Péter Ondré, Managing Director of the  Agricultural Marketing Centre (AMC) stated: the AM and AMC decided that the OMÉK in Budapest will focus on the food industry, the international relations, and the young generation; and in this the professional animal husbandry and agricultural machinery play a key role.  In May, the Hódmezővásárhely Farmer Days, and in September the Babolna Farmer Days are organized as a co-event of OMÉK. He emphasized that there are 150–200 plants dealing with manufacturing agricultural machinery, which provide income for 8000 families, mostly for whom are living in the country.

These tools are competitive on the export markets, 80% of them are exported. Nowadays, the export-import balance of the branch in Hungary exceeds the 100 million EUR yearly average, thanks to the successful development of our 150 years old machine manufacturing. Among others, this is due to the fact that the AM pays particular attention to the development of the branch. It can be said that the Hungarian farmers and agriculture companies bought new agriculture machines for more than 175 billion HUF, and they spent 49 billion HUF on machine parts.

The 79th OMÉK organized by AMC focuses on the wide range demonstration of the successes and results of the Hungarian agricultural machine manufacturing, while from the professional and sales aspect, the range of agriculture machines presented by the exhibitors will be significant on the Bábolna Farmer Days – added the Managing Director.

 Gábor Haál, Director of the Bábolna National Stud Farm said the following regarding the programs:

the past 32 years provides a basis we have to keep up with, and we aim to keep the professional level and offer useful programs to the profession and the public. This year Bábolna will be a co-event of OMÉK, which is a great honour for us. Besides the NAK, the Stud Farm cooperates closely with other national agricultural organizations (National Association of Cereal Producers, National Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, National Association of Agricultural Equipment and Machine Distributors). Mr. Haál shared the motto of this year’s Farmer Days with us, which is:

 ”Not only was I there, but I also participated”

To fulfill this, the visitor receives a Bábolna Farmer Days passport at the various programs, where stamps has to be collected, which will ensure a discount price at the exhibitors.

On the opening day of the exhibition farmers outside Hungary are invited and expected to the event.

To support the youth’s interest in agriculture, 11 vocational schools – providing education focused on machinery – are invited to the event. On the vocational schools’ day on the 6th September, 600–700 students are expected based on the forecasts. For them entrance is free, guided programs and tractor test driving is offered for the young generation.

Worldwide and of course in Hungary as well the methods of precision farming are getting more and more popular. To learn more about this, we also we organized a three-day conference in Babolna. The theme of the program consisting of professional presentations and impressive open field demonstrations will be pest management, soil management and moisture management.

Of course it would be unthinkable to organize the exhibition without horses, so the Babolna National Stud Farm is preparing for the event with spectacular equestrian programs this year as well.


More information about the event: www.babolnaigazdanapok.hu

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