Event riders visited Bábolna again


Event riders filled the show grounds in Bábolna on the competition held between the 27th and 29th July.

The event had 106 starts. Many riders praised the skillful course of Ákos Jobbik, which provided a great opportunity to prepare for international competitions and the final of the National Championship, which will also have a course more difficult than this one. The course included all jump types, but there were also new jumps.  Fortunately – besides a few refusals – no accidents happened on the competition.

The competitors had the opportunity to match their skills against each other in five categories: AK, A0, A, CCN* és CCN**.

Debóra Dobos and Nádor won the Amateur class of category AK and Nikolett Zsiday-Galgóczy with Ármány was the best among the Pre-beginner horses. We congratulate Boglárka Bertalan, student of the Pettkó-Szandtner Tibor Equestrian Vocational School in Bábolna, who managed to finish on the 4th place with O’Bajan XXIX-6, a talented horse of the Stud Farm.

Gábor Varga and Csakazértis won the Amateur class of the A0 category. In the popular class of Pre-beginner horses, out of 18 competitors Kata Fejes and North Star XIV-7 Kormos turned out to be the best.

In the same class Mátyás Bertók, from the Bábolna National Stud Farm finished 4th, riding our 6 years old grey Shagya-Arabian stallion, O’Bajan XXIX-1. The young stallion prospect completed the requirements of the Stallion Test last year, then started his promising show career as well. Congratulations to the pair for the great result!

Mátyás Bertók and O’Bajan XXIX-1, photo: Krisztina Hajdu/lovasfoto.hu

Among the youth riders of the category Boglárka Rehus and Dakar Du Bois won the first place.

In category A, in the class of Pre-beginner horses István Varga and Gidran XXIX-21 (Kelevész), among the youth riders Fruzsina Máriássy and Gratis was the best. László Egyed won the open category riding Cenzor Spirit.

In the open CCN* category of the competition Viktória Juhász and Nigrasine Colt, in the CCN** category Gabriella László and Suttogó Saca finished on the first place.


Photos: Renáta Farkas

More photos from the cross-country competition are available here:


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