4409 NCS O’Bajan Pamír

Stud fee:
1000 EUR

• Date of birth: 1999
• Breed: Shagya
• Gender: stallion
• Colour: grey
• Height: cm



Bajar (born from the pairing of two full siblings in Germany) had not one, but two sons participating in the Atlanta Olympic Games as part of the German team. One of them was successful in show jumping (Bacchus), the other in eventing (White Girl). Thanks to his line breeding he passes on his exceptional jumping style reliably.

His son, Pamino (O’Bajan XX) always gave great foals when he was matched with mares from the Gazal line. O’Bajan Pamír’s mother, Aydana (also a Bajar granddaughter) was supposed to arrive with a group of mares in Bábolna on the autumn of 1997 to improve the breeding stock, but due to a change in management these mares ended up at breeders dedicated to the breed. This is how Aydana’s first foal was born in the stud of Nagycserei Lótenyésztő Ltd. which was operated by Dr. Iván Novobáczky.

The stallion was sold to Europharmavet Ltd. and taken to the barn of Péter Pachl, where he was showing for 6 years. His rider trained him until Grand Prix level, and has a high opinion of him:

“Pamír was a wonderful partner on shows and demonstrations as well. He worked with the same calm attitude in front of thousands of people at the Trakehner Körüng and on international dressage competitions. I achieved  III. place with him in the Intermediare II category of the Hungarian Championship. But Pamír was showing with other riders just as willingly.

His show carreer ended on Grand Prix level due to a tragic accident. We can trust his offspring, his great nature and movement. His foals can become true friends to anyone.”

If we inspect his pedigree throughly, we can see the harmonic combination of the classic O’Bajan and Gazal lines, with all exceptional, in breeding and performance successful elders in the background. A stallion’s own performance is worth nothing, if he does not pass it on to his offspring. Almost forty foals of Nagycsere O’Bajan Pamír (O’Bajan XXX tm.) was born in Hungary, although out of mares of different quality, but their size, elegance and good nature clearly proves the influence of the stallion.


So far 30 Shagya foals was born from him, 15 mares and 15 stallions, of which bays or sorrels can be found as well.

With Peter Pachl in 2010:




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O’Bajan XX Bajar Suakim
Gazelle I
Pamina Amor
Aydana Beau Bajar
Ayda Koheilan I
35 O’Bajan X-1 

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