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The stud fees above include the collection of semen of the first two times, all further semen collection fee 8 EUR + VAT/request.

The Bábolna National Stud Arabian Stud does not guarantee pregnancy. According to this, the price of semen paid for insemination can not be refunded if the mare is not in foal. In case of changing stallion, the total price of the newly selected semen shall be paid.

Covering in our Stud:
The owner of the mare has to pay 8 EUR + VAT per mare per day, if the mare arrives with her foal, the stud must pay 10 EUR + VAT per day boarding fee per mare per day in the breeding season. The stud fee includes the price of the insemination. The owner has to pay the costs of the necessary vaccines and medicines.
The fee of further ultrasonic cycle-diagnostic test: 50 EUR + VAT
The fee of the ultrasonic pregnancy test: 50 EUR + VAT

Only horses with the followings can enter the stud:
– passport with all vaccinations and bloodtest results
– EHV-1, EHV-4 vaccination: basic vaccination (1st vaccine, then in 21-92 days 2nd vaccine), then every 6 months
– Equine flu: basic vaccination (1st vaccine, then in 21-92 days 2nd vaccine), then every year
– Tetanus vaccination in the last year
– negativ bloodtest in the last year for EIAV and Malleus
– regularly dewormed

VAT is 27% without EU tax number within the EU.

All fees and prices are valid from the 1st of February 2022 until withdrawal.

E-mail: menesiroda@babolnamenes.hu

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