Welcome to our Ötösfogat (Five-horse carriage) Restaurant, which is located in the impressive building of the former Officers’ Casino. Whether it is a lunch, a corporate event or a wedding, our colleagues take charge of the delicious meals and the attentive service.

We offer a separate dining room for small groups and families (8 or 30 people), and our large room can serve up to 160 people at the same time. Due to its special atmosphere and the services provided by the Stud, the Restaurant is a popular venue for weddings.

The building of the restaurant

There is also a conference room in the building for up to 80 people, which can be used for a wide range of events such as corporate events, team building trainings and conferences.

Our meals are made of high-quality ingredients, and we can even offer real specialties on the menu, for example the Bábolna Essence Soup, the Ötösfogat Cake, the Ötösfogat Pancake and the rooster testicle stew with savoury quark cheese noodle.

Be our guest on weekdays for a delicious lunch or visit us at a scheduled time!


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    • Bábolna Nemzeti Ménesbirtok
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