Regional and National Jumping Competition in Bábolna


3 days, 30 categories, 456 starts… Last weekend revolved around show jumping again in Bábolna.

Mátyás Bertók and Dániel Bokri represented the Stud Farm with several horses. Shagya VII-3 showed great form again and turned out to be unbeatable in the 110 cm open competition, and managed to finish on the 5th place on the 120 cm high course. The stallion is competing for 4 years now, and out of his 68 starts he could win 16 times – in a field where mostly abroad bred sporthorses are the majority – and was placed 46 times. The first foals of Shagya VII-3 will be born in the stud next spring, and from next year the stallion will be also available for outside breeders.  Hopefully he will pass his exceptional character and jumping talent on to his offspring.

Bertók Mátyás and Shagya VII-3

The several placings and clear rounds from our young, but talented stallions, the 5 years old Shagya IX-1 and the 4 years old Kemir VII-4 suggests a promising future. Congratulations to the horses, their riders and their trainer Ferenc Sáringer!

Bertók Mátyás and Shagya IX-1

During the three days of the competition the riders competed in the finals of the Komárom-Esztergom County Championship and in national classes. The competitors could match their skills against each other until 135 cm high classes, and on Friday and Saturday also three-three classes were announced for those preparing for taking a rider test.

Winners of the last round of the Komárom-Esztergom County Championship:

100 cm Beginner rider Krisztina Kozma Jack Pot LT ESTHER Sport Club
105 cm Beginner rider Eszter Tavasi Audrey Pins Prosper LK
110 cm Amateur Evelin Krecskovszki Hárfa Prosper LK
115 cm Amateur Andrea Dobos Lord Prosper LK
110 cm Youth Lorena Gimesi Timpex Fegyenc Prosper LK
115 cm Youth Lorena Gimesi Timpex Fegyenc Prosper LK
125 cm Adult open Bori Baumann Kiméra Prosper LK


The team competition announced for Saturday made the show program more colorful, in which the trio of Dániel Szebényi and Rock Star, Ádám Szotyori Nagy and Charivari and Kristóf Szotyori Nagy and Gidrán Mytoc proved to be the best.

Bertók Mátyás and Koheilan Koppány P

Photos: Krisztina Hajdu /

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