Shagya-Arabians on the National Gallop


Following the tradition, Bábolna National Stud Farm provided the horses of the twelve nations for the International Prize of the National Gallop.

The foreign riders participated on twelve Shagya-Arabian horses in the International Prize of the National Gallop on Sunday. Most of the twelve young horses were born in 2014 or 2015, so we could compose a group of horses that provided fairly even chances for the guest riders.

The horses started their training for this important event months ago, then on the 17 October it was decided by a draw ceremony in Bábolna which rider competes with which horse for the victory.

The horses had three opportunities to amaze the public on Heroes’ square in Budapest with the beauty and speed of this indigenous breed, that has become our national asset. The best six horse of the pre-runs in the morning had the chance to compete in the afternoon finals.

After a tight race, the rider from the United Kingdom turned out to be the fastest, riding our grey gelding, O’Bajan XXIX-2, born in 2014. The rider of the Czech Republic came second with the grey mare O’Bajan XX-6-3, born in 2008, who won the race twice in the previous years. The third place went to the Austrian rider and the grey gelding, Gazal XXI-1, born in 2014.





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