Event organization


Our conference and event rooms are suitable for corporate events, trainings, exhibitions, family days and other events from 10 to 212 people. We can provide abundant catering in our Ötösfogat Restaurant, and our Imperiál Hotel can give accommodation for up to 41 people.

Beside our well-equipped rooms we also offer outdoor activities. Our Arboretum provides entertainment and relaxation opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts with varied team building programs, adventure programs, special trainings and team building games.

The historic atmosphere of the Stud guarantees to capture the visitors from the everyday life, and provide an unforgettable team experience that will give new impulsion for the future challenges.

We provide closed, free parking lot and technical equipment for our guests, whether it is a flip-chart, a sound system or a projector. Our experienced colleagues are there to help the organizers for the smooth management of the event.

Technical equipment:

  • flip-chart
  • projector
  • internet connection
  • laptop
  • audio system
  • wireless microphones
  • mobile projector screen
  • copier

We can also provide other tools based on prior consultation.

Chamber Hall

The former 5th stable of the building was converted to a chamber hall in the 1980s, with an auditorium for 177 people, which can be expanded with extra seats.

The hall can be reached by car from the Jókai Mór street and from the Studyard. It is a special and excellent location for presentations, reports and conferences.

Chamber hall

Floor area 180 sqm
Height 5 m
Length 18 m
Width 10 m
Natural light no
Air conditioning yes
Darkening yes
Theater-style 177 people
U-seating no
Tables no
Receptions no
Rent According to quotation.

Reception area of the Chamber Hall

The marble feeders alongside the wall remind us that the reception area also used to be a stable in the beginning of the 20th century.

It is an ideal place to have registration before conferences and events, or in the breaks for a buffet or a reception. There is a cloakroom in the reception area for the comfort of the guests.

Reception area of the Chamber Hall

Floor area 82 sqm
Height 2.5 m
Length 13.2 m
Width 6.2 m
Natural light yes
Air conditioning no
Darkening no
Theater-style no
U-seating no
Tables no
Receptions 200 people
Rent According to quotation.

Hall No. 4

The conference room in the former Officers’ Casino building is modern, the seating is mobile, customizable.

It is located directly next to the restaurant.

Hall No. 4

Floor area 138 sqm
Height 4 m
Length 22 m
Width 6 m
Natural light yes
Air conditioning yes
Darkening yes
Theater-style 100 people
U-seating 54 people
Tables 54 people
Receptions 100 people
Rent According to quotation.

Riding Hall

One of the impressive sights of the Studyard is the Riding Hall, which was a rebuilt in the 1810s. The large walls, the windows decorated with the former stud stamp, the artwork of the roof structure, the unique composition of the wrought iron chandeliers and wall-lamps provide an exclusive venue for the events.

Riding Hall

Floor area 576 sqm
Height 8.85 m
Length 44 m
Width 15 m
Natural light yes
Air conditioning no
Darkening no
Theater-style 750 people
U-seating 450 people
Tables 450 people
Receptions 700 people
Rent According to quotation.

Wedding organization

What would be a bigger event in someone’s life, than to find the love of their life and to bond their life together with a memorable wedding? A marvelous wedding with an elegant location gives the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable ceremony with their loved ones.

Who would not want a snow-white wedding carriage with burgundy velvet, pulled by five beautiful Arabian horses from the oldest acacia tree in the country, among colourful flowerbeds, wrapped in the scent of lime blossom, to go to say the “I do”, while bridesmaids dressed in silk dresses wave to them?

The dream can become reality. The bridal couple can go by carriage directly from the Catholic or Calvinist church, belonging to the historical building complex, to the Ötösfogat Restaurant, where up to 170 people can dance with the bride.

The guests who are tired can relax in the Imperiál Hotel in the Studyard.


For quotations please contact us: turizmus@babolnamenes.hu.

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