The Arboretum, located next to the Foal Farm on 20 hectares, was established in 1965. The local conservation area contributes with silence, tranquility and good air to the pleasant relaxation of visitors.

During a walk or from the shadow of the covered rest areas you can admire 335 deciduous and 156 evergreen trees and shrubs. It is particularly cozy to have a rest on the island of the small lake, which can be approached through a wooden bridge. But not only the vegetation can be seen, but also indigenous domestic and wild animals. Hungarian poultry breeds, naked neck and speckled hens, guinea fowls, curly feathered geese, Hungarian semi-wild ducks, pheasants and pigeons live in the Arboretum, and you can see boars, fallow deers, roe deers, alpaca, mangalica pigs and racka, cikta and tsigai sheep and donkey.

Memorial Park of the famous horses

The unique sight of the Arboretum is the Memorial of the Famous Horses, where we are commemorating our horses. There are 54 wooden headboards with Transylvanian motifs on 18 memorial mounds, marble tombstones and a monument reminding of our excellent horses.

The Arboretum shows our guests a different sight in all four seasons. In springtime, the flora and fauna awakening after a long winter, the birds singing on the blossoming trees, the sparkling vegetation in summer, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the sight of the herd on the pasture, in the autumn the colourful nature and the mood of the passing time, and in winter the snow-covered areas provide stunning views.

Lakeside still life

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